A Dog for All Seasons

cooper about

This is Cooper. (Oh, how we love Cooper!)

He is the mascot for Pawdiatrist, a company that designs and sells paw protection systems for household pets. Although we weren't contracted to come up with a mascot for the company – in fact, they already had a logo and only needed us for a Web site and marketing materials – like so many dogs before him, Cooper found us.

The problem was this: the company needed a Web presence and marketing materials, but the final suit design was still in-process. While the concept was clear and the product was thisclose to production, actual photographs were impossible. How, then, to convince potential customers to pre-order a suit or consider stocking them in their store without showing them what they were buying???



Aside from his practicality, he is pretty darned cute and adds a goofy, memorable face to the Pawdiatrist brand. Manufacturing and sales of stuffed Cooper toys (for people and dogs!) are on the Pawdiatrist agenda for fall 2012.

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