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Let's face it – color isn't easy! Picking out the curtains is ordeal enough, much less deciding on a color combination that will represent you and your company for months (if not years).

Beyond the usual swatches and Pantone chips, we work with proprietary color and mood boards that allow our clients to see their palettes in action.



METHODS: Typography

We can't say it better than Robert Bringhurst: "Typographers, like other artists and craftsmen – musicians, composers and authors as well – must as a rule do their work and disappear." Typography is often the foundation of print collateral and yet it only succeeds when it escapes notice. As a part of our user-centric philosophy, we tune and adjust type as necessary to ensure the optimal (unobtrusive) experience for the reader.


METHODS: The Golden Ratio

from Wikipedia

Beginning in the Renaissance, a body of literature on the aesthetics of the golden ratio has developed. As a result, architects, artists, book designers, and others have been encouraged to use the golden ratio in the dimensional relationships of their works.
g_ratioThe first and most influential of these was De Divina Proportione by Luca Pacioli, a three-volume work published in 1509. Pacioli, a Franciscan friar, was known mostly as a mathematician, but he was also trained and keenly interested in art. De Divina Proportione explored the mathematics of the golden ratio. Though it is often said that Pacioli advocated the golden ratio's application to yield pleasing, harmonious proportions, Livio points out that that interpretation has been traced to an error in 1799, and that Pacioli actually advocated the Vitruvian system of rational proportions.[2] Pacioli also saw Catholic religious significance in the ratio, which led to his work's title.
Containing illustrations of regular solids by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pacioli's longtime friend and collaborator, De Divina Proportione was a major influence on generations of artists and architects alike.


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